Cross-Country Flight Planning for VFR Private Pilots

Everything taught in flight school prepares pilots for the real reason most of us fly: to get from point A to point B. As a student, everything about your cross-country flights is meticulously planned and checked. You know exactly what route you’re taking, you have checkpoints every 10 to 15 nautical miles, and you know exactly how long each leg will take (and how much fuel you’ll burn). So the student pilot assumes this is how pilots fly cross-country. Unfortunately, many private pilots seem to quickly forget what’s involved in planning a cross-country flight after their check ride. The reasons are many. There’s no CFI watching over their backs, there are time pressures to take off more quickly, there are passengers along for the ride who don’t want to wait, and there are new technologies like GPS that make navigating a no-brainer. But just a pilot should never skip a checklist; every private pilot embarking on a VFR cross-country flight should adhere to minimum fligh

Pilot's Problems?

As pilots, you are aware of the dangers that face us in todays world. It is amazing the impact that the food we eat has on our bodies. I was reading a book the other day written by Dr. Ray Strand called Healthy for Life. I thought Id quote a few things from the first chapter to kind of set the background of the things Ive been learning about our physical health. It boggles my mind to realize the intricacy of how trillions of cells which make up the body are able to work without any conscious effort on humanitys part. However the choices I make in the foods I choose to eat have a direct impact on this entire process. I will either empower, handicap or kill my bodys cells. We must seriously consider how the freedom to make these choices is significantly influenced by our previous choices and habits. We must make informed decisions with the health of our bodys in mind. We must learn about the proper balance of carbs, proteins, and fats that our bodies need at a cellular le

Why you need Consistency in Pilot Health

Todays post has to do with consistency. Kind of like the tortoise in the famous Tortoise and the Hair story. One of the major keys to good health in the areas we talk about on this blog is consistency. When it comes to your physical health consistency is one of the keys to making  and keeping a healthy body. You need consistency in three areas. First you need to be consistent in eating healthily on a regular basis. As we talked about before, we have choices to make every meal and snack time about what we are going to be filling our bodies with. We also have to be consistent with our exercise. If we even miss one day it takes a lot more discipline to get back in the saddle. If we miss a week in our exercise we are going to have a terrible time getting back and will feel like we have lost months of progress. We also need consistency in supplemental nutrition. As pilots we know the importance of systems (nowadays a pilot is largely a systems operator.) Without daily cons